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GOOD Place - Carnarvon

Carnarvon sits in a beautiful part of the globe, above the 26th parallel, in the Gascoyne Region of the Mid-West of Western Australia. The town of Carnarvon thrives on seasonal tourism along the coastline of the Shire, including wind-on-water sports, fishing, camping and boating. Inland there are the Kennedy Ranges and the Majestic Mount Augustus (the largest Monolith, bigger then Uluru, but more of the rock is underground). Carnarvon as a food bowl produces a large volume of Australia’s seafood, fruit and vegetables.

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GOOD People

Like many remote communities, Carnarvon is faced with a variety of social challenges and limited employment opportunities. There are service providers but it's mainly volunteers who raise awareness and run social and emotional well-being programs or public events in support of a multitude of sectors in education, health, youth, arts and sports.

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GOOD Partnerships

Community partners band together to create activities. Darn Good Print Co has worked alongside Mission Australia, ABC Foundation, Ngala Mid-West, Horizon Power, CMSAC – Aboriginal Medical Centre, local Police, Carnarvon Windfest, NAIDOC, Kingsford Lions FC, PCYC, Gascoyne Early Learners Network, This Life Events to name a few. The DGPC Community Fund is established to raise funds and work with community partners to assist in supporting Carnarvon to build an equitably inclusive and stronger community.

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